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Get started now by searching for a promotional product online. By specifying your price range, you can find the perfect product that meets all your needs. For additional ideas or to speak with someone directly, please contact us.

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All prices and descriptions are subject to change without notice. If the price listed is different from the actual price, we will notify you before processing your order. All pricing shown is in US dollars.

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Searching For Promotional Products
You will have more success if you only use the most important search options and leave the others at their default settings. Being too specific might rule out items that vary slightly from your search criteria, but would work perfectly for your promotion.

Choosing a Product Category
To choose a product category, think of the most basic element of the product that you require. Once you determine what this basic element is, scroll down our list of pre-selected categories until you find one that matches.

Word Search
Narrow your search by specifying one or more keywords that describe the object you want. Include the word AND between words if you are searching on more than one term (e.g. To search for a plastic yo-yo, type: plastic AND yo-yo).

By Price Range
Specify a minimum and maximum price range to find items that fit in your budget. Since exact pricing is based on the quantity you require, the type of imprinting needed, shipping charges, and other factors, we will need to confirm the final price after we receive your request.

Search Results
Once you click the "Search" button, the product lines that carry the products you are looking for will be listed. Select the product line you are interested in and review their product listing. To view the item and the quantity pricing, click on the highlighted item number.